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Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 201310 Greater Noida IN
Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 201310 Greater Noida IN
Adri Naturals
Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 Greater Noida, IN

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  • Apr 21 2018

Being a health freak, I prefer natural products much more than chemical products. Also my skin and body is sensitive to the products I use so I have to be very careful while choosing anything new as the effect is clearly visible, be it on my body or my skin. I can’t experiment so I have to do a lot of R&D before taking any such step. Say, if I change my diet from healthy food to junk and processed food which contains preservatives, I will be inviting acne and dizziness. Also, the glow of my skin goes from shiny to dry. I am sure I am not the only one who goes through these issues, there must be many like me in the outside world. Also, if we centralize the fact, then entire human race is subjective to changes, the difference lies in the rate of visibility of change. Making it simple and clear, if we change our habitual activities, we are somewhere inclined towards some change in our system but the only difference is that for some people the change can be seen immediately in different forms like getting fat, acne, breathing problems and many more. And for some, it is slow, like heart problems, kidney problems and so on. I know the examples given are not good for our health however changes can be good and bad both ways. Good changes like- better blood flow and blood cells count, increased lungs capacity, healthy and glowing skin and so on.
The reason I firstly gave some examples that are not good for our health is the products which we are using today, are mainly prepared with heavy chemical content and they are obviously not good for our body. I know science has made a significant change in our lives at a vast rate; however there is no denial to the fact that it has damaged the environment at the same rate, and we are a part of this environment, so somewhere it is hampering us too. According to a scientific fact, our skin replaces itself after every 35 days and our liver takes about a month; our body makes these new cells from the food we eat; which signifies that what we literally eat, we become. Here, we have a choice in what we are made of. We are what we eat!
There is an ancient Ayurvedic saying-
“If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use…If diet is correct, medicine is of no need!”
The quote itself explains everything! Now let me explain this quote with an example, according to my perception- If we sit with our grandparents, we will get to know what a healthy life they led during their young age and now even they are being around 80+, still they do half of their work on their own without much problems but today, a new born child have a hole in his heart or a breathing disorder! Sad and Shameful! What kind of life we want to gift to our coming generation? A life without water? Living in a gas chamber? A life with serious diseases since their childhood?
As per the study of UNICEF, of the estimated 6.6 million deaths among children under 5 in 2012, 17% were due to pneumonia and 9% to diarrhea. The death toll is highly concentrated in the poorest regions and countries and among the most disadvantaged children within these societies.
The Question arises here is that are we really developing? Where are we heading with this development? Moving in cars, using ACs and other machinery does not lead to development; ‘health’ is our biggest asset. So, when is the time to take care of ourselves? There is no such pre-defined time to take care of yourself and your family, it is every now.
Jarod Kintz, a writer once said- “I’m not waiting until my hair turns white to become patient and wise. Nope, I’m dyeing my hair tonight.” I believe in the same too, we should not wait for the time when we will lose our health and then take the actions to recover. Nope! In fact, we should take a step now. Let’s walk together in this marathon of Health for our loved ones. Let’s go healthy!

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