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Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 201310 Greater Noida IN
Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 201310 Greater Noida IN
Adri Naturals
Shop 15, Ground Floor, Jagat Plaza 2, Jagat Farm, Gamma 1 Greater Noida, IN

About us

छायाम् अन्यस्य कुर्वन्ति तिष्ठन्ति स्वयम् आतपे | फलन्त्यपि परार्थाय वृक्षा: सत्पुरुषा इव ||

Meaning: They give shade to others, while standing under the heat themselves. They bear fruits for the benefit of others - Trees are the virtuous.

2 years ago, there was a teacher in her early 50s who was struggling for genuine products in the market. Even after spending hefty amounts on quality products, nothing could treat generic issues like Hair fall, dry lips, etc. She always believed that there is no age to learn things. After struggling for a long time, she decided to utilize her Ph.D. & 20 years of work exp. in herself & after a lot of research, came her very first product, a hair oil, which controlled her hair damage, & does not have any chemical in it. Seeing the results overshortspan of time, family & friends motivated her, & her son Akshay Khurana, Birla alumni, joined her to help her in the operations, this even boosted her confidence. And that's how -Adri Naturals- By Dr. Seema Khurana was born.

Adri is a Sanskrit word which has multiple meanings, like ‘Tree’ or ‘Mountains’, both are strong and both are connected to Mother Earth. We here took the resemblance of a tree, which is connected to its roots always. We at Adri Naturals, believe in the fact that Mother Nature has got it all for her children and so we prefer promoting natural and healthy lifestyle. Adri not only believes in promoting natural lifestyle but also encourages people to take a step closer to nature. Trees are the virtuous of all, as afore said. They give us Oxygen to breathe, they give entire human generation- food to eat, Not only this, trees are one of the most important reasons for sustaining life on Mother Earth. And yet they ask for nothing in return. So, at Adri, we take a step to preserve nature by avoiding any synthetic products. We do not add any kind of synthetic products in our entire range. Purity is our top most concern. Our products are fresh and are prepared in small batches, as there are no preservatives and in future also, we intend to keep the uniqueness of each and every product as it is now. We do not want to make any revolutionary change at a vast level at a very fast pace, instead we intend to gradually moving forward in making our contribution to our mother Earth by changing the way our food habits have become nowadays. Afterall, ‘we become what we eat’ so it’s nice to eat healthy and be healthy. Like a tree, let us stay connected with our roots…